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SmartCharge Pursuing Strategic Partners in New Markets Following Successful Licensing Effort in Consumer Retail Channel

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MATTHEWS, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With SmartCharge lighting technology successfully licensed to a prominent lighting manufacturer and marketer in the consumer retail channel, SmartCharge parent TVL International is moving next to vertical markets such as the utility, security, and hospitality industries for deployment of the unique lighting backup solution.

SmartCharge Light technology offers switch and grid sensor capability that enables the switch to operate normally (on/off) even when the power is out, providing up to four hours of backup light thanks to a built-in battery in the bulb.

“TVL International developed the patented SmartCharge technology and is pleased to confirm an exclusive license for consumer retail sales and we encourage retailers to make certain they are working with properly licensed manufacturers and distributors to offer bulbs with battery backup,” said Shaliendra Suman, Founder & CEO of SmartCharge Light parent company TVL International. “Any other similar bulb might be infringing on our patent, which should be of some concern. We will aggressively protect our intellectual property.”

In the consumer retail channel, SmartCharge technology is exclusively licensed for retail deployment in the U.S. and Canada to Feit Electric, one of the world’s largest lighting companies. Retailers interested in the unique capabilities of SmartCharge should contact Feit, directly.

The SmartCharge LED Bulb looks like a normal light bulb from the outside, but it has technology built inside to enable wall switch control of the lights even when the power is out with no extra wiring required. Winner of the 2015 Cleantech Open Global National Sustainability Award, SmartCharge technology will work on all supply voltages between 110V and 240V, so it can be used in any country in the world. The consumer can also put the bulb in charge-only mode, where the back-up battery is recharged without the bulb being lit. One wall switch can now control multiple bulbs on a circuit, as well.