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Data Center Solutions Provider CPG Unveils Unique, FedRAMP Certified, Modular Solution

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ASHBURN, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CPG, a full-spectrum provider of data center solutions, announces the release of Secure Blox, a FedRAMP certified, turnkey, modular solution, with the security of a SCIF, but the flexibility to be designed in shapes and sizes not previously available in the marketplace. Designed and powered by CPG, Secure Blox offer a secure, compliant data solution option to clients looking for custom, accredited, scalable deployment of even the most sensitive data.

“Secure Blox are the next evolution in containerized data storage,” says Anthony Rizzo, Managing Partner at CPG. “They combine the flexibility of worldwide deployment with customizable configurations, while still meeting the strict security requirements of the intelligence community, the DoD, and financial institutions. And, they can be deployed much faster than traditional builds, allowing our partners to scale quickly to meet new challenges and demands.”

“We’ve created a streamlined process for engineering and accreditation that allows us to deliver Secure Blox up to 70% faster than a traditional build,” says Chad Towner, Senior Director, Critical Infrastructure Solutions. “That’s a real game changer for our clients.”

According to CPG, in addition to high security government uses, Secure Blox are ideal in the colocation setting, allowing a wide range of clients access to not only secure cloud storage, but also secure meeting rooms and storage within the larger colocation facility.

About CPG

Headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, CPG is at the heart of the data center industry. CPG experts are the innovators for cutting-edge data center and cloud solutions. For 20 years, CPG has been providing full-lifecycle, mission-critical infrastructure solutions to some of the world’s most demanding companies by combining and applying the latest facilities infrastructure power, cooling, security and controls at all scales and densities, including modular and hyperscale. www.CPGbeyondthecloud.com