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OPES Solutions: Four million off-grid modules produced

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Patented laser and stringer processes increase output

OPES Solutions uses a Flying Fiber Laser to increase the output. The laser cuts the solar cells about ten times faster than conventional methods. A proprietary process for soldering the cells increases the throughput in the stringer fivefold. By combining these patented processes with proven production technology, the company can offer competitive prices while achieving a high level of quality.

Ongrid quality level for off-grid modules

“We have set ourselves the goal of setting high quality standards in the off-grid segment without neglecting profitability,” says Robert Händel, founder and CEO of OPES Solutions. The company has a certified quality, environmental and occupational safety management system. OPES Solutions is also the first manufacturer to have its standard off-grid modules fully certified by TÜV Nord according to IEC standards 61215 and 61730.

“At the same time, we are using the expansion of our production to set higher environmental standards and increase occupational safety. The extraction systems of our soldering stations and the knife free cutting of foils are unique and thus pioneering in the off-grid solar module industry,” adds Händel.

The development and sales headquarters of OPES Solutions will remain in Germany in the future in order to maintain proximity to development partners and European customers. “Cooperation with our partners such as the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics or the lightweight construction specialist Gaugler & Lutz is one of the keys to our success. In addition, we can offer our customers the kind of individual development services that require innovative applications,” says Händel.