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Renewable Energy and Power Expands Marketing of Power Stac Off-Grid Power Storage System

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Renewable Energy and Power today announced expanding marketing activity for the company's Power Stac, a state-of-the-art Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Power Storage System.

California has mandated that, as of 2020, all new houses and multi-family residences of three stories or fewer, along with all major renovations, must be built with solar panels. With other states to follow, the demand for power storage for solar generation is certain to grow exponentially. The advantages of VRFB will make it the system of choice.

The ability of Vanadium Redox Flow batteries to fully cycle and stay at 0% state of charge makes them ideal for solar storage applications where the battery must start each day empty and fill up depending upon the load and weather.

Power Stac can last for 10,000 cycles with no significant degradation, equivalent to 25 years of storage, matching the life of solar panels and wind turbines.

Unlike lead acid and lithium batteries, Power Stac energy storage systems do not go into thermal runaway in warm climates. Power Stac Energy storage is non-explosive and non-flammable, and can be remotely monitored and requires minimal maintenance.

Power Stac has a low Levelised Cost of Storage a calculation of the cost of energy stored over a battery's life, taking into account all operating and maintenance costs, together with efficiency. In addition to the cost benefits, the working environment and productivity are helped by the improved storage abilities of Power Stac.

Storing the excess solar power generated in the day for use at night is, by far, the preferential way to make use of solar panels. To sell the excess back to the utility is not very efficient as, at the end of the year, they recalculate your use of power and the amount sold back to them and most users get a year-end bill of several thousand dollars. Adding in this charge raises the payback time on the solar panels far in excess of what may appear before these charges are included.

Power Stac storage of the generated solar power for use at night avoids this problem, resulting in substantially greater savings for using solar panels.

"The added value and sophistication of our cost saving energy storage system makes it a natural for residential and commercial solar power generation," said REAP CEO Donald MacIntyre. "The quickly expanding commercial grower's market is just one of the areas where Power Stac will prove to be an ideal solution to the need to store the generated power."