Solar O&M: Utility & Rooftop

Over the past decade, the solar industry has been busy signing PPAs and getting projects installed and commissioned. Its success has led to a rapidly growing base of long-lived solar assets. Asset owners and the financial community are now focusing on the risks and performance of these assets. As the industry gains experience with these assets, it is turning its attention to developing asset management and O&M best practices that will support the industry going forward. Getting things right means better financial results and a better industry. Rising energy costs and economic pressures have put even more importance on effective management of energy assets. The goal is not just reduced O&M costs, but increased energy production as well.

Operation and Maintenance is one of the most critical requirements of successful and profitably operating solar power projects. Good O&M practices have an impact on both technical and financial performance of the projects while improving the life of the project. Given the increasing cost of electricity and equity, it is important to extract maximum value from the installed solar power projects to yield maximum financial returns for the investors. Increased focus on good quality O&M of installed projects also reduces the occurrence of project breakdown and hence prevent potential losses to the investors. For energy sources such as solar where there are no fuel costs, operation and maintenance helps improve the efficiency of power generation thus bringing down the cost per unit of electricity generated. With an ever improving technology and better IT practices in the industry, it is important to keep updated with the latest practices of operating and maintaining solar farms and projects in the country.

Solar asset owners, investors, lenders and the O&M community will gather to explore the latest developments in the ongoing effort to organize the industry to meet the challenges of operating and maintaining its expanding asset base. From the strategic factors shaping the O&M landscape to best practices on the ground, the masterclass will provide the information and insight needed to better manage the industry’s assets and maximize its investments. The masterclass on O&M for Solar projects gathers key decision makers from companies. With an array of insightful topics, impressive presentations, peer-to-peer learnibgs and the whole of the supply chain present, it provides the ideal platform to meet valuable contacts and achieve great business performance. The intent of this masterclass is to provide an opportunity to all stakeholders to meet, discuss and share the latest developments in the field of O&M of solar projects. This masterclass will attract leading solar energy experts, representing technology providers, project operators, financial institutions, investors, project developers, EPC firms, component providers and service providers.

The masterclass will see participation of key delegates from:

  • Project Developers& Construction companies (EPCs)
  • Planners, Contractors, Installers, Engineering Firms
  • End Users & Utility representatives
  • Equipment manufacturers and Technology Providers
  • Financial institutions including banks, NBFCs and VCs
  • Researchers addressing economic, technological and energy issues
  • And many more key industry representatives

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