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Smarter Grid Solutions to Demonstrate Massive Clean Energy Deployment on a Smart Campus in NREL INTEGRATE project

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The three phase project demonstrates how to increase electric grid hosting capacity for Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

INTEGRATE is part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Grid Modernization Initiative, supported by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, to promote the seamless integration of clean energy technologies into the electrical grid.

The first phase, recently completed at NREL in Colorado, proved how Active Network Management (ANM), deployed in a domestic setting, is capable of managing smart residential DER through ANM’s real-time distributed control approach.

Phase two demonstrates ANM’s ability to massively increase clean energy grid hosting capacity on a campus by managing the grid in real time for reverse power flow and voltage constraints, and will also demonstrate advanced utility-enabled non-wires alternatives under import constraints.


This deployment will be demonstrated on March 31st 2016, at NREL. Smarter Grid Solutions will be joined on-site by project advisory members from several major U.S. utilities, DER developers, and a number of smart grid consultants and advisors – along with NREL’s INTEGRATE leadership.


More about Active Network Management’s role in the INTEGRATE project


Smarter Grid Solutions’ Active Network Management (ANM) technology is a key deployment technology for the INTEGRATE project, used to demonstrate an integrated energy system across all scales that delivers increased hosting capacity on distribution grids, and enables DER for grid services.


ANM uses a unique combination of time-bounded, repeatable and fail-safe controls to connect and manage DER to the distribution grid, and to maintain the grid within its operating limits. ANM has been proven commercially in the UK to massively increase connections for wind and solar energy without the initial need for energy storage – it is the only technology of its kind that uses sub-second real-time controls in the smart grid market. ANM is used by five of the six UK utility organizations, where it is in full operational deployment.


Dr. Bob Currie, Co-Founder and CTO at Smarter Grid Solutions said “We are excited to use NREL’s ESIF facility and grid simulator with power hardware in the loop, to emulate a distribution circuit. Phase two of the demonstration project proves the vast scalability of ANM in connecting and managing DER on the grid, in real-time. We are looking forward to the advisory members’ assessment of the outcomes and to showcasing how real-time active network management is an effective way to massively increase the amount of intermittent DER that can be connected without the need for extensive and expensive new infrastructure.”

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