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Marlon Kobacker Announces Undertaking of Revolutionary Renewable Energy Project

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As the need for a sustainable energy future becomes increasingly urgent, Marlon Kobacker of Sustainable Future Group continues to work on the development of practical renewable energy solutions that unambiguously address the most commonly raised environmental and economic concerns. In keeping with his reputation as an exceptionally exacting innovator in the field of sustainable design, Kobacker is announcing the undertaking of a revolutionary project in which three full city blocks will be taken off the electrical grid by relying on solar photovoltaics and battery storage.

Marlon Kobacker, the director of Sustainable Future Group, notes that the project is currently in the feasibility stage of development, but all indications are that this is an undertaking that will significantly contribute to the shaping of a new landscape in which renewable energy can meet the energy demands of the public at large. The director of Sustainable Future Group's penchant for accounting for every possible contingency is likely part of the reason why Kobacker also created an innovative finance model designed to remove any capital cost barriers to the project's future implementation.

"The key challenge is how the residents collectively manage the generation, consumption, storage and sharing of energy," said Kobacker, noting that the project is a truly pioneering endeavor that seeks to address one of the principal challenges facing society today.

Kobacker also discussed the finance model he and Sustainable Future Group have developed and for which they have advocated, pointing out that the existence of any kind of capital cost barrier has been one of the most effective arguments against the implementation of a number of renewable energy projects. Recognizing the importance of preempting any economic argument, Kobacker's project includes a comprehensive finance model designed to eliminate capital costs altogether.

"The finance model is also very innovative," said Kobacker as he explained the financial strategy associated with the project. "Residents establish a legal entity that takes out an asset loan to pay for the power station, and the electricity bill savings generated from the power station cover the loan repayments until the system pays itself off. This is a cash-flow positive approach to taking city blocks off the grid."

About Marlon Kobacker

Marlon Kobacker is the director of Sustainable Future Group, a company whose mission is to ensure clients have access to the most effective and highly individualized sustainable energy products and services.


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