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Biocrux’s new contraption helps manage dry waste where it is generated

Solid waste management poses a massive threat in India. Most of the agencies responsible for waste management are unable to provide proper systems, leading to collection and transportation becoming difficult and...

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A Plasma Gasification plant

A Plasma Gasification plant

Kankyo endeavors to be a one-stop shop for waste management

India generates about 62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste annually. Of the 43 million tonnes collected, only 11.9 million is treated while 31 million is dumped in landfill sites.

No wonder then,...

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Otis India President Sebi Joseph on elevators becoming ‘greener’

As urbanisation takes over, high rise buildings are known to consume about 40 per cent of the world’s energy and elevators account for between two to 10 per cent of a building’s energy use. But now, with more ‘Green’ buildings...

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Indian cement plants strive to be globally competitive

Energy efficiency has been a major driving force in the country’s cement industry seeking to go green. The effort put together by various companies and technology suppliers has helped bring about significant reduction in specific energy...

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