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Why clean energy is not a darling of CSR projects

While there is an enthusiasm to tick the box of clean technology and sustainability among companies in the country, surprisingly there is no such zeal when it comes to giving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects a green tag.

This has...

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If Volkswagen manages to steer its 2030 green technology vision as planned, it may well give its competitors a serious run on the e-road, writes Preeti Mehra

The distinctive four brown chimneys of the 1930s façade of the Volkswagen AG headquarters dominates the Wolfsburg landscape. Steeped in...

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With majority of State governments not on-board the renewable energy bandwagon, industry faces a neither-here-nor-there situation, writes M Ramesh

If the new Power Minister, Raj Kumar Singh, had wanted to do something that would make the industry sit bolt upright and listen, he could not have...

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